CranioSacral Therapy V

Transformative CranioSacral

3 Day Workshop – 21 CE Hours

All of us have a deep need to work on our own personal growth and transformation.  This new class is designed to provide students this opportunity.  I have seen, time and again, how much students benefit from working on their own healing.  It provides the strong base that allows us to deepen our skills as therapists.  

In this advanced class, students will receive and participate in treatments led by Dr. Schwehr and other professional practitioners. In CST III, students work on each other as they practice  and improve their dialoguing skills.  It has become clear that an important step in the learning process is for students to have the opportunity to work closely with professionals who specialize in dialoguing with the body and working with emotional issues.

This class is designed to accommodate 10 students.  The students will be divided into two groups.  There will be two treatment tables.  One will be led by Dr. Schwher and one will be led by another experienced CranioSacral Therapist.  At one table, a teacher will perform a complete treatment on each student.  The intent of the the treatment will be to dialogue with the person’s body and follow what is needed.   The rest of the group will actively participate in each multi-hands session.  Once everyone is treated, the group will move to the other practitioner’s table where the process will be repeated.  This means that each student will receive 2 full treatments and will observe and participate in an additional 8 sessions.  Because so many of our emotional issues are shared, you will find that you learn as much from other student’s experiences as you do from your own.  You will also come to understand the power of being worked on by a group of practitioners.   

Between sessions we will be processing the work and learning and discussing specific techniques.These classes cost a little more than my other classes because I will be paying other teachers as well as myself and because the class size is limited by the format.  


There are no prerequisites.  This class is open to anyone who would like to learn this technique.

Maximum Class size

10 Students


Certification is available after completion of CranioSacral I- IV, 50 hours of documented work with clients and passing a written and practical examination.


This seminar is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) for 21 continuing education credits.  NCBTMB #450308-06.