CranioSacral IV - Minneapolis - St. Paul


CranioSacral IV - Minneapolis - St. Paul

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The Fundamental Fascial Structures of the Body

MARCH 16, 17, 18, 2018
FRI 1 PM – 9 PM
SAT & SUN 9 AM – 5 PM

In this course we work with the major fascial sheaths in the body as described by Thomas Myers in his book, "Anatomy Trains.
We will take an in-depth look at four major fascial sheaths, identify where restrictions are hampering the release of the full sheath, and apply CranioSacral Therapy to those restrictions.  
This work will allow you do much more for your clients, faster. Techniques covered include: releasing the superficial back line, front line, lateral line, spiral line, balancing the front and back line together, and strategies for car accidents and whiplash.
By the end of the weekend, you will be able to address fascial tension issues in clients more quickly and effectively.  These techniques are especially helpful in working with accident, sports and surgical recovery.  They also address core postural imbalances that contribute to chronic pain.  This work makes it easy to create a full body treatment that will help your clients heal.


CranioSacral I


"Anatomy Trains" by Thomas Myers


Certification is available after completion of CranioSacral l-lV , 50 hours of documented work with clients and passing a written and practical examination.


This seminar is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) for 21 continuing education credits.  NCBTMB #450308-06.


St. Paul Yoga Center, 1162 Selby Ave., St. Paul MN 55104