SOAP NOTE Documentation

For certification, you will need to document your CranioSacral work with SOAP notes.  You may create your own SOAP note form, or use the sample one we offer on the this page.  Massage therapists who include some Craniosacral Therapy with their bodywork often add a short section to the template they are already using, so they can document the number of minutes of CranioSacral therapy they did as part of the session.

What does SOAP Mean?

Subjective:  What the client says

Objective:  What you observe

Assessment:  the result of treatment

Plan:  What you plan to do next time


Client Bill of Rights

In Minnesota, alternative therapies are covered under Minnesota Statutes 146A.ll. Practitioners of alternative therapies such as CranioSacral Therapy must have their clients sign a Client Bill of Rights. See the required language here.